Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Exercise like a surfer!

Exercise like a surfer!

I know you’re probably thinking; ok…what?! Let me explain what I mean.

Living in Newport Beach I can always tell when the surf is good. Surfers of all genders and ages are running across PCH, barefoot, board in hand with an ear to ear grin slapped across their faces. Their eyes seem to gleam as if they know a great secret and I think perhaps they do! Passion! Joy! Zest for life!

While I was running on the beach this morning my path was cut off multiple times by surfers running out to the ocean. Smiling, calling out to their friends as if this was some sort of great celebration. I found myself wishing I could bottle their enthusiasm and give it to all my clients.

So if you can’t quite picture yourself having the same passion for getting on the treadmill and grinding out 30 minutes try something new! Try swimming, bike outside, paddle boarding, walking along the beach or heck try surfing!! Find that one activity that you love, that you get excited about, that makes you happy that you are healthy and fit and get to workout!!


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