Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pre-Triathlon Training Week 1

Technically, I am only in my pre-training section of my triathlon training. I am mostly just getting a feel for being in the water (since swimming is a weak point) and running (also a weak point). I'm also starting to combine swimming and biking or biking and running together.

Bike to run: According to my sister the hardest transition is the bike to run. So I started there first. I decided to do a 60 minute spin class and then one mile on the treadmill. I haven’t been to a spin class for oh about 6 months so it was intense but manageable.

The run however was a different story. It started out ok. I remember thinking I got this! No biggy! Triathlon smathlon! But then….. (insert dramatic music here) my left IT band started cramping up 5 minutes into my light jog. I slowed it down a bit and the pain eased up. Two minutes later my hands feel like they are going numb. Ok I am going to walk it out. I am looking at my mileage I have only gone a half mile! Urgh this is terrible!

I heard Roses voice in my head reminding me I just need an easy pace and that triathlons are about being efficient. In karate Mr. White would call that effortless power. It apparently will come in time. I remind myself this is day one. Chill!

I step off the treadmill and every noise in the gym fades to an almost silent. Panic!!! I am going to pass out in the gym. Oh No this can’t happen! I am a personal trainer for gods sake!!! Alas, I don’t pass out, I don’t have a heart attack and I am not even sore the next day. Off to the pool I go the next morning.

Swim Day: I have been advised by my coach, aka Rose that I need to be in the water at least two days a week. I swam a few times with Rose and Adam this past year so I already know that even though I thought I was an Olympic swimmer…ahem, I am apparently not.

I am equipped with my swim board, goggles, ear plugs, cap, fins, hand paddles and that floaty thing that goes between your legs AND a custom workout from my coach! Lap one:  wow I am doing pretty good! Lap 5: I think I have drunk half the pool. Lap 10: hand fins keep flying of or alternatively rolling me onto my back like a turtle!

Note to self: Need at least 2 days in the pool – if not more!

 Run Day: Currently I run 1-2 days, about 2 miles in the (dry) sand. So when Rose told me to run as a warm up before my regular weight workouts I thought shrug, no big deal. I know, you would have thought I learned my lesson on underestimating back on the bike /  run day but nope!

I hopped out on the gym track and busted out a relatively easy mile. I figured I would run a mile, lift weights and then run another mile. The first ½ mile pretty easy. The second ½ mile was boring and I started getting uncomfortable. I tell my clients all the time to switch up their cardio because your body gets used to what you do all the time. Here I was discovering my own advice is pretty good. Having run in the sand for the last 2 years vs. never running on a track I started to utilize the same muscles but in very different ways. Fatigue started creeping in my ankles, knees, hips, low back. I thought, ok I will go lift weights and come back to this.

A few walking lunges, squats and burpies later I am back on the track. Lap one of eight: no way am I going to make it around 8 more times!!! I call it a day on lap 4. I roll, stretch and go home.

I wake up the next morning and can hardly walk. Thinking back on it I should never have combined walking lunges and running in the same day, at least not to start. I end up taking the next two days off and just do yoga.

I think this experience will be a lot like when I first started hiking long distances in a single day. It was a lot of trial and error and making all those small adjustments. Thankfully, Rose and Adam have already gone down this path so I get to pick up a lot of little tips from them! I have already learned so much this week I know that next week is bound to be more successful!