Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pre-Triathlon Training Week 2

Lets see, this whole triathlon talk started a mere two weeks ago and I am already fully immersed!! I have gone from a sprint length tri in September to an Olympic length in May, (thanks to Adams confidence in me); I picked up my “real” bike on Sunday (thanks to Laura and Rose) and I will have my official race program design at the start of the year (thanks to Joby).

I keep waiting for that “oh shit” feeling to hit me but it hasn’t yet. So far I am just super excited and I am having a ton of fun doing new workouts!

This is where I was going to update how great this week was compared to last. Yet I realized distance, volume, speed...it really doesn’t matter. Yes, I have improved since last week. Yes, my workouts have doubled, speed and intensity have increased..yadda yadda yadda...

But then again.. its really not about the race. It’s not about the date or the time or the mileage. I am not a pro triathlete so it’s not like I am going to even come close to standing on the podium. To which my husband responds. "So why are you doing this? If you can’t win what’s the point?"

Shrug I don’t know...good question. What is the point?

I have watched my sister and her husband battle through injuries, weather, personal obstacles, two jobs etc and yet they still train. At times, I have looked at them and thought the same thing, “What is the point?”

I started out thinking I was just going to do this as a way to mix things up, find new motivation and lose that last stubborn 5 lbs! (I mean who wants to train with an out of shape trainer, right?!) Yet it in the back of my mind I already knew it goes much further beyond that.

There is all of a sudden this driving force inside me that keeps saying, “You are on the right path, this is where you need to be, go here.”

As the saying goes it’s not about the destination but the journey. As far as what’s the point, I have no idea. I’m listening to the voices inside my head (yes, I hear them and yes, I do what they say!). Point or no point, I am running in the rain, swimming on windy days and pushing myself further.