Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Tri or Not to Tri? That is the Question

Deep breath in and here it goes…This year I am going to train for a triathlon. There it’s public. No going back now.

My first introduction to triathlons was in massage school. We worked the Pacific Coast Triathlon in Crystal Cove. We provided massages for all the athletes both pre and post race. My general overall impression was that these people are insane!!

Post race massages

My second introduction was watching my sister at the same event in 2010 finish her first triathlon. I had watched her train her heart out, battle fears of swimming in the ocean and see her cross the finish line! I was so proud of her! But generally still over all impression: these people (my sister included – sorry Rose!!) are insane!

Roses "What the *(&^ am I doing here" face!"  Pac Coast Tri 2010

In the last two years I have watched Rose and her husband Adam dive head first into training and triathlon mania. I would list all their races but it would be too long! For something that started out as a, “Hey I am gonna try this” to the full Ironman, it has been fun to watch them grow and change not only as athletes but also as people. This blog post explains it best and brought tears to my eyes.

Rose finishing the Ironman 2012!

 As I tracked them both through the Ironman in Arizona the idea of doing a triathlon myself started creeping in. My first thought was, “Uh oh”. Knowing the way my brain works if something starts popping in it’s not likely to just go away.

I tossed the idea around in my brain over the Thanksgiving holiday figuring it would disappear as soon as I got back to the hustle of regular life. But it didn't. Still there in the back of my brain was a little voice that said, “Uh helloo? I’m still here! Helllooo?”

So I thought, “Ok I will just casually ask Rose about training for a triathlon”. You know hypothetically speaking of course. Well two hours later I had two complete triathlon training workouts in my inbox. Again I thought, “Uh Oh”.

I shrugged it off and told myself that I would just do the workouts and train like a triathlete. I could get all the benefits of doubling up on workouts as well as mix up my current conditioning and then just skip out of the actual race.  I felt reassured with my new decision, “Yeah I will just train like a triathlete and not actually do one, that will work. Phew!”

I printed out my new training schedule from my sister and off I went. In the back of my mind though I already knew that there was no way I was going to train and NOT do the race. Yet the first time I said it aloud my first reaction was WHAT did I just say??!!

This brings me to this blog post. Say it aloud and make it public. Here we go. Pacific Coast Triathlon or bust!!!!

My third triathlon experience will most assuredly be different as I will be a participant. Hey wait does that make me insane?! Probably!


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