Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TRX Suspension Training Course Review

I bought a TRX Suspension Trainer when I first started training myself. I was tired of working out in the gym and the TRX suspension trainer seemed like a great way to take my workouts outside. I bought a few of their online videos (which are awesome by the way) and I have been hooked ever since!

I love the TRX so much that I wanted to share the TRX experience with all my clients and to officially do that I needed to get certified.

I am not going to lie when I got the reminder email for this course I thought, Urgh! Why did I sign up for this in the middle of the holiday season?! However, I set my alarm for bright and early on Sunday morning, made my lunch and off I went.

As usual, my obsessive-compulsive self was there 45 minutes early. I was warmly greeted by Jonathan Yu, co owner at Yu Bee Fit and Tahneetra Crosby, TRX instructor.

Right out of the gate I knew that with Tahneetra’s upbeat personality and passion for TRX it was going to be a great day!

The overall layout of the program was very well organized. We reviewed each exercise in great detail, received a terrific user guide that we could make notes in and did lots of hands on work with partners. Of course, if you are ever going to have a room full of trainers try to learn something, you know you are going to have to let them workout at some point if you want them to concentrate!! So halfway through Tahneetra lead us through a kick-ass 15 minute workout!! 15 minutes might not sound like a lot but when you are moving through a TRX workout, using your whole body and “all core all the time” 15 minutes was enough!

It was a great day and I learned a lot. I can’t wait to take everything I learned and share it with my clients! The best part about TRX is that ANYONE can use it, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!! How great is that??!!


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