Monday, January 7, 2013

Magic Weight Loss Pill!!!

Just kidding! Sorry if you thought that headline was true!

Here we are in week two of January 2013. I know everyone made some resolutions . Whether you are a list maker, a journal writer or your resolution setting was just a passing thought like yeah I should really try that this year…My question to you is what have you done to start putting your goal into action?

Mr.White  in karate would always say, “Plan the work and work the plan”. Key to that statement is you need to make a plan!!

Back to the headline of this blog post…Magic Weight Loss Pill!!! Sigh. I wish there was one but the reality is there isn't  The ONLY way to lose weight is to eat less and workout more. The end. Sorry.

80% of my clients came to me last week and said, “AHHHHH I gained X lbs over the holiday!!! AAHHHHHH”. That statement was sometimes followed by a “What about this pill and what about this diet?” Sigh. Again, I am sorry, there is no magic pill and no magic cabbage diet, liquid diet, protein diet etc that is going to help you lose weight and MAINTAIN lost weight in a healthy manner.

Diet pills / weight loss supplements: Television, radio and billboards ads shout out take this magic pill lose 10 lbs but they rarely tell you about the damage to numerous parts of your body. Diets pills usually go two routes, one is to dehydrate your body (making your body “look” leaner but also puts a huge strain on your whole system because your body is 90% water, duh!) and the other is to speed up your metabolism or what I call the “too much coffee effect” (which makes you less hungry but also shaky, agitated and so on). Either way you are messing with your bodies system, creating long term effects for a results (that if it comes at all) will definitely be short term.

Don’t Diet, Eat Healthy: The first thing to losing weight is looking at what you are eating, when, how much and why. I bet off the top of your head you can at least think of one bad habit where you are picking up extra calories. For example, I love to snack on stuff as I chop it up for dinner.

The easiest way to find out exactly what is going into your mouth is by tracking it. I have all my clients who are serious about weight loss use MyPlate by Livestrong . It is easy to use and they even have an app to enter your calories right from your phone!

Aside from tracking your calories its helpful to understanding what you are putting into your body. Are you eating organic produce? Are you eating processed foods? Fast food? It can seem complicated and overwhelming at first but think of it like this: your body is like a car. Put the best gas in and it will run better.

Great excuses to not exercise: Trust me I have heard every excuse  in the book. At the end of the day is weight loss is your goal, leave your excuses somewhere else. You will have to get up when you don’t want to, workout when you don’t want to, make the time and put in the effort.

Set yourself up for success: The most import part of goal setting is making realistic, attainable goals (s.m.a.r.t. goals)  If you have been doing nothing for the past 6 months a goal of working out 6 days a week for 60 minutes at a time might not be achievable. Pick a day(s) and a time(s) you know you can stick with and build from there. Want to change your diet? Start small. You don’t have to change all your meals at once. Try just breakfast or lunch. Pick the easiest thing to change and go from there! By achieving small, manageable goals you will reach your big goals faster!!


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