Thursday, January 3, 2013

Random Thoughts and Other Notes

Grab bag bathing suit - surprise pattern!!!

Whatever purifies you is the right path ~ Rumi

For me the last two weeks have been a blur of ribbons, lights, rich dinners, champagne, parties, snowboarding and a little bit of surprise plumbing. All in all 2012 got wrapped up quite nicely.

My first waking thought on January 1st was where am I? And not for the reason you might think! In fact my husband and I had gone to New Years Eve dinner the night before at the Double Eagle at 4:30 pm (and uhm yes, we were the only ones there at that time). We ordered a bottle of champagne which we couldn't even finish (which if you know us is unheard of!) and were in bed by 9:00 pm (yes, seriously).  So when the alarm went of at 4:20 am my first waking thought, like I said was where am I?!

My second waking thought was AAAHHHHHH I have less then 5 months to my first triathlon?! Wait, what? I signed up for a triathlon?!  You might think that would have got my butt in gear but honestly after the 5 ½ hour drive home from June Lake my motivation was rather low. Luckily my husband is insane and loves to exercise no matter what! So he got me out on my bike. It was out on the bike trail that I had sort of a live stream of random thoughts occur to me.

Musically challenged: Since I won’t be able to wear an ipod in the race I have decided to go to silent workouts. Rose and I used to call this Navy Seal training. The first mile or so was tough. I usually start my workouts with a super upbeat song to get my energy up and my legs pumping. So I am riding along to…nothing. Silence! Boring! My inner child is stamping her feet and rolling her eyes. Yet five miles further I find myself enjoying the click, click, whirl of my gears shifting. It became almost hypnotic and my mind gently rolled from topic to topic.

Motivation from within: Without my ipod to push me on my bike or run I found myself searching for that “push”. In Karate a lot of my motivation came from my past, anger, and aggression. Today I have no anger left and I have pretty much dealt with my demons. As I listened to the click, click, whirl I found myself accelerating out of happiness. As I heard my footsteps on the run I sprinted out of joy.

Ultimate Freedom: Happiness? Joy? Freedom? These were not words that I thought would arise from starting my tri training. I was thinking my blog would be more about pain, sweat and tears (which I am sure will come!). As I rode down the bike trail on New Years Day I thought about how usually I would have a killer hangover and wouldn’t have been able to get up let alone exercise. My body felt good, my brain was alert, my heart was filled with so much gratitude. Tears sprang to my eyes and as if on que I heard Rose’s voice in my head shift, shift, peddle, go, yay!!!!

Warm Welcoming: So far I can tell you that triathletes are the nicest group of people I have ever met! Rose has been saying it for years and I always thought well there are nice people everywhere so what. As it turns out triathletes are their own breed of people. They are like a special family with their own support system and even their own language! Twice Rose has helped me look for used gear for me and each time the out pour of support, love, advice and stuff takes me a back! I have been in competitive sports my whole life where even though you had teammates, you were constantly trying to one-up each other. Triathletes seem to want everyone to succeed. Maybe it just seems that way or maybe it’s because it isn't really about the triathlon at all…


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