Friday, January 18, 2013

What I Love About Being A Personal Trainer

Just imagine if everyone behaved this way. Each person helping another because they knew it would come back to them; not from the person they helped but from somewhere else. If instead of being better than the competition, we actually helped promote their business, that would blossom into other people promoting ours  ~Kristine Timpert

When I first decided to get certified for personal training it was a selfish decision. I was stuck in an office job that gave me little or no satisfaction. I had already gone through massage school and had briefly tried to do massage on the side. After about 6 months I had realized that doing massages day in and day out was far more physically demanding than I had originally anticipated. With the exception of a few massages here and there I trudged back to the desk job.

For the last 7 years I have been training with personal trainers. First at House Of Fitness and later with an old friend Brett Flaherty at Flaherty Fitness in Newport Beach. It was always something that I thought about in the back of my mind but never actually pursued.

One random Saturday I thought, “I am going to sign up for the certification course.” Just like that, a life alternating decision was made. I signed up with AFFA and started the online courses.

After getting my certification and passing all the tests I started under the wing of Brett. He helped me review my workouts, program designs, diet plans etc. Soon enough I started to get into the swing of things on my own. Not that the learning stopped there. I am constantly taking new courses, reading articles, books, blogs etc

What I love most though about being a trainer is helping people. It is something that I would do for free. Hence why I know I have found my true calling and my true passion. I love meeting with new clients and putting a plan together. Each of my clients is like a unique puzzle. We sit down, we strategize, we do a posture analysis, take measurements, talk about goals and build a plan.

I love putting that plan into action. I love watching my clients reach their goals whether its weight loss, injury recovery or simply finding motivation. Nothing feels better than hearing a client report that a chronic pain they have had for years went away or that weight they have been trying to lose is finally starting to move.

Fact: helping another person never gets old. When I go home late at night feeling tired or when I wake up early for a client I never think is this worth it? Instead I think I really hope I can help this person. I can’t wait until they do or feel or look the way they want. I really want to see their smile when they tell me that chronic pain is suddenly gone.

I read this book, The $100 Start Up by Chris Guillebeau, one month before I got certified. Some where in there and I will paraphrase what he said,  find something that you are passionate about and approach it with a way to help others. If you lead with your heart and always try to help others you will never be wrong and will always be successful.

And he was right.


  1. Love that quote, love that book and couldn't agree more. I would do what I do for free. One day I hope we are successful enough to do so part time for those in need. Love you!