Friday, February 8, 2013

Famous Last Words

Two months ago:

Me (to my husband): I promise I won’t become one of those crazy triathlete people like Adam and Rose.


Me (to my husband): I signed us both up for the HB sprint triathlon. Happy Valentines Day! (Insert awkward silence here)

Sigh. So it has happened. I have become one of those crazy triathlete people and I haven’t even done my first race yet! I originally started with one race and now I am signed up for two sprints and an Olympic distance tri. I unrealistically told my sister yesterday that one race a year is probably what I would end up committing to. After a glimpse into her “crystal ball” she predicted I will do the OC Tri and then want to do Orangeman (that’s a half Ironman).  I’d like to believe that is probably not true but I don’t really want to get caught in another lie. Sigh. I am becoming one of those crazy triathlete people. It’s kind of like the transformation (I imagine) from human to werewolf. I keep trying to fight it and assure myself it wont happen to me but I have a feeling it’s too late. My fang teeth have already started to elongate.

Change is never easy and this transformation is no exception. Many days I wake up (at 4:00 AM) and think, “is this worth it? What am I doing?” Sometimes my body tries to rebel. I have weird aches and pains that I have never felt before. Other times my mind protests, “Just sleep in! You deserve it!” Then that first lap in the pool or first mile on the bike erases all the doubt. Oh yeah this feels SO good!!!