Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The day I Worked Out Without My Garmin

I am learning more and more triathlons are a good sport for addictive personality types. Not to say that all triathletes have addictive personalities but I will just go ahead and guess that most are, including myself.

There is a lot to be said for the regimental training aspects of getting ready for a race. As a trainer, writing workouts is a necessary but tedious part of the job. So it’s awfully nice to have Joby enter my workouts into training peaks, then I enter them into my Garmin for the whole week. That way when my alarm goes off at 4:00 AM I can just strap on my Garmin and it literally tells me what to do (slow down, speed up, your heart rate is to high…blab la bla Garmin, you slow down!). Insert eye roll here…but really it IS nice.

The obsessive compulsive type A personality part comes in later when I download the data back into Training Peaks. I can track and compare this workout to that workout. Times, laps, distance, pace, zones, heart rate… I have never done so much math in my life!

With all that being said I arrived to the gym today to discover I neglected to charge my trusty ‘ol Garmin. Imagine this discovery in slow motion with some dramatic music in the background: I drop to my knees, a look of pain crosses my face, fists clenched shaking up towards the locker room ceiling, “NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”

Ok Anna get a grip! Deep breath, it’s ok. I used to workout without a Garmin strapped to my arm all the time right? No big deal, I can do this.

Some things I learned out of this “tragic” experience:

  • It’s good sometimes to leave the electronic devices off and remember how fun it is to just workout!!
  • The importance of knowing what it feels like instead of what it looks like. For Example, I had to feel what my max heart rate was instead of just looking for the number to pop up on the Garmin.
  • Mental relaxation. Without the Garmin constantly beeping and telling me what next my mind had a tendency to wander. I thought of some great ideas, old quotes, good times, lost friends. It was the most peaceful yet active mediation I have ever had!

All of that is good and well but don’t think that I haven’t already scrambled to get the Garmin on it’s charger!! I mean one day without it was enough!!!


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