Friday, April 5, 2013

Look Mom, No Hands!

First ocean swim!

When my alarm went off this morning my eyes flew open and I thought oh my god I am doing a triathlon tomorrow! Wake up Brad lets go! Last day of training!!

In karate before a belt test the instructors would always say, “I would wish you luck but luck has nothing to do with it”. Meaning, plan the work and work the plan. Put the time in you know it will take to get to where you want to be.

The last few months of training weren't always easy. There were days were I simply didn't want to get out of bed, or it was raining or the wind was blowing, or, or, or…but I got up anyway, got dressed and got it done. That’s what it takes.

That’s what it takes not only triathlon training but any training. Any goal. Any dream. Set your course, follow it, work for it and never give up.

I had no idea when I started all this that these races and all the training which have such an impact of my life. Maybe it’s because I had a lot of time while on a run or on the bike to ponder and think about things. Maybe it’s because I found out what I really made of when I pushed myself that last mile.

Last week my husband and I went for our first ocean swim. My husband is a tough guy. He is not scared of anything. He rides his motorcycle at 160 MPH, he snowboards like a manic, he spars with the best of the best – he has no fear. However swimming was a different story.

As we looked out at the ocean as Rose and Adam explained where we would be swimming Brad looked over his shoulder and mouthed to me, “There is no pool side to hang on to”. Nope, there wasn't.

I kept thinking about the no pool side comment throughout my week.  A week where I finally decided to leave my office job and give my own business 100%. A week where I started helping my sister and her husband with their business. A week that will end with my very first triathlon. Yup, no pool sides to hang on to. The training wheels are off! I thought I would be scared at this moment but instead I feel so incredibly strong, brave and free.


  1. I LOVE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH! This is what it's all about! I am so excited we're sharing this together. After all we've been through, together and individually, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude lately. That we somehow managed to make the impossible, the possible. To make the one day, some day bullshit happen TODAY. And I cannot wait to watch you tomorrow!