Saturday, July 19, 2014

Things I Learned From My Two Day Juice Cleanse

I am sure you have read or heard the numerous pros and cons of juice cleanse and detoxes. This is neither. This is my own personal account of what I experienced over a two day juice cleanse.  I did this for a simple experiment and maybe a little peer pressure.

When everyone at Breathe decided to do a three day cleanse I was luckily on vacation. I thought that would excuse me from the task but it didn't. To be honest l coming back after a two week vacation roll my body did seem to be crying for a break. So I thought why not. Besides my motto as a trainer is to understand where my clients are coming from. I get a lot of questions about cleanses but I really couldn't answer because I have never done one myself.

I got my juices from Growler Juice Pub delivered Monday and I was ready to juice! I should note that I did what I call a cheater cleanse. Upon Teresa’s suggestion I would juice in the day and then eat a small, all raw, salad at night. We both thought it would be a good introduction.

Things I learned:

·         I am more attached to food than I realized. It was interesting to watch and feel the different emotions that came up when I couldn't have food. The night before I was straight up depressed and felt like I had nothing to live for. Then when I came into the gym and had all my yummy Bite Me Kitchen meals waiting for me I felt like I wanted to cry.

·         I missed my coffee.  Not just the coffee but the ritual of coffee. I wanted to throw my pillow on the ground when I got up to make coffee but realized there was no point.

·         I had more time. I didn't have to thinking about what I was going to eat for dinner or when could I get to the store. On the second day in my spare thinking time instead of thinking about food I tried to think about all the people I love and really embrace them mentally. It filled me with gratitude (even though my stomach may have been growling!)

·         I didn't miss my champagne. I thought that I would really miss my glass of champagne at night but by the time I got home I just felt somehow peaceful, quiet, tired, like my body had fully surrendered to its fate. I Ate my salad and pretty much went to bed.

·         I had more energy than I thought. I worked out both days. The first day I did an hour of hot yoga and I literally felt like my body was vibrating. The second day I lifted weights. Surprisingly half way through the workout I felt like I had more strength and endurance than ever.

·         It changed my cravings. It’s weird to think in just two days my tastes would have changed. I am a total carb loving girl and I thought after this cleanse I am going to eat some pasta and this and that! But I have found myself craving more juice and salads. I even skipped my coffee the next morning because it sounded too thick! What? Who am I?!

All in all it was a positive and interesting experience.  Physically my body felt less bloated. I felt lighter and leaner though I didn't actually lose weight. Mentally I felt uplifted, grateful and at peace.  Would I do it again? Yes.

If you think you want to try one yourself here are a few helpful tips:

·         Go organic! Make sure your juice is organic. Since it will be the only nutrients you will be getting you want to make sure you’re getting the cleanest product you can

·         Plan ahead. Remove any temptations from your house. I made sure to have no coffee, champagne or yummy food in the house.

·         Buddy up. It’s better when you make other people suffer with you right?!

·         Listen to your body. I think it’s perfectly ok to add in a little snack if you are really feeling bad. Preferably something raw and easy to digest. A half an avocado is amazing! Or a small spinach salad. You will be surprised at how you will cherish each bite.

·         Plan for a headache. Especially if you are a heavy coffee drinker like me you will probably get a headache. Also know that you might get a headache from all the toxins being released into your body. That is perfectly normal. Add in lots of water to help flush your system out.