Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Transistion From Trainer To Trainee

A "gift" from my co-worker, ex-client, aka my reverse trainer
When I shut down my gym and went back to my office job one of my clients laughed and said, "Oh good you can try and find time to workout and eat healthy like the rest of us. Good luck!". Inwardly I rolled my eyes and thought wha wha wha big deal. It's not like I haven't done it before! I had my plan to go right back to my old ways of training at the gym in the mornings and making healthy lunches after work. Shrug. Totally not worried about it.

My first week was like a punch in the gut. While I had hustled plenty owning my own business I did it on my own terms and with in my own time frame. Office life was different. One hundred miles per hour different! Phones were ringing, people were asking questions, things were coming in and going out, paperwork was piling up...total panic button mode! Needless to say I left the office every day feeling totally exhausted and wiped out. I think my husband and I ate out every night that week. No healthy diners were being made that's for sure. When the alarm when off in the morning did I get up and head to the gym like planned? Nope! I pressed snooze like all the other sheepeople!

Then Halloween came and the office was stocked with candy every day. I won't lie I skipped by that little bowl every day grabbing some candy on the way. I muttered all the empty promises to myself that I heard my clients say for years...I'll run an extra mile, I won't eat any candy tomorrow, I only ate salad for lunch so it's ok, it's only 80 calories who cares...

Well I sure did care when my pants didn't fit in early November! One day while trying to wiggle in a pair of jeans I told my husband, "I think my clients collectively put a hex on me to make me fat for all the burpees I made them do!" Brad looked at me in that wise half smile way he does sometimes and said,"I don't think anyone put a hex on you. I think you have been skipping your workouts, eating crazy and drinking champagne every night." I like the hex idea better but ok fine, it was time to get my shit together!

It's not like I didn't know what or how to do it it was simply a matter of time management and preparation. Losing weight really is as simple as eat less, exercise more. It's not going to happen over night in fact it takes more like a year depending on where you're at and where you want to be. There is no miracle pill, detox, diet or new fitness fad that will do what hard work will. Sorry it's the truth. I told my clients over and over work hard, eat clean and above all else be patient with yourself.

As I was running one morning I started thinking about how I had to follow all my own advice. It wasn't easy at first but once I pushed through the first 30 days I was back on track! So what is this magical advice I speak of? LOL here you go...

MAKE A PLAN: Think about what you want and where you are at. Be realistic. If you have been working out zero days claiming to train for 7 is probably not going to happen. Pick days that are the easiest to squeeze in some exercise and go from there.

BOOK YOURSELF LIKE ANY OTHER APPOINTMENT: Whether you are a paper person like me or a digital person pull out that calendar and mark yourself down. YOU are just as important as any other appointment on any given day!

PACK YOUR GYM BAG THE NIGHT BEFORE: Read any fitness article anywhere and this advice will be there because it works! If I have to stumble out of bed and try and find my running clothes and socks and gloves it just might be enough hassle to make me turn right back around and go to bed. True story it happened so I speak from experience. Pull your stuff out have it ready. Or if you workout in the afternoon bring your clothes with you. The less dilly dally time you have in between the more likely you are to have success.

EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS: We spend a lot of time sitting. We sit in our cars to go to work, sit at our desks all day, sit on the couch at night. So make up for those sitting times by parking farther away at the store, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, even adding in small walks in the day can make a difference!

MAKE IT FUN: 90% of my clients hated working out. Some of them hated even the thought of working out! As a their trainer I tried to find out what people liked and I would add that in. If someone said oh I love the TRX then done lets do it!! Personally I like to time myself and make a game out of it.

FIND SOME MUSIC YOU LOVE: Most of the time I run in silence but some days I just need something to get me going. Find that song that makes you happy or pumped up! You know you have one! Crank that sucker up and get on your way! There is no doubt about it I can run 10 min faster with some good tunes on!

DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP: Life is going to happen. Emergencies are going to happen, parties are going to happen, kids happen, you're not going to make every workout you plan but don't beat yourself. Reset, reschedule and move along.